Doritos Monologue

Share with FriendsSoundcat's western saloon track set the mood to kick off this Doritos Super Bowl Teaser, featuring Sam Elliot and the wise words of Lil Nas X. Agency: Goodby Silverstein & Partners Editor: Theo Mercado

Verizon Innovative Learning

Share with FriendsWe were thrilled to have our music selected for this Verizon Innovative Learning campaign featuring Pharrell Williams. Shout out to Racket Club for the placement!

MasterCard True Name

Share with FriendsProud to have worked on this MasterCard Acceptance Matters campaign with the team from Music and Strategy. Check out: MasterCard - Acceptance Street

PetSmart The Foodie

Share with FriendsSoundcat's track turned up the cuteness factor for this adorable four-legged foodie. Thanks to Music and Strategy for another placement!

Nespresso Vertuo Machine

Share with FriendsThe Nespresso Vertuo project was an outstanding musical and sound challenge for us: create organic landscapes to match the style of each Nespresso flavor.  We crafted both the music and sound design, as well as the final mixes at our Soundcat East studio. Thanks to Music and Strategy for bringing us on board for this one! Check out the ...

Lincoln Summer

Share with FriendsThe ultimate Summer mashup that combines the old with the new.  We had so much fun with the scoring on this one, making sure each car had it’s own sound.  Thanks to Music and Strategy for bringing us on board.

Lost Kitties Who’z Hidin Inside

Share with FriendsCheck out this amazing Cat-Tastic rendition of My Sharona featuring Logan James on vocals - thank you to Titmouse for the great collaboration.

Crate and Barrel Throw Pillows

Share with FriendsAnother successful collaboration with Music and Strategy on this charming Crate and Barrel campaign starring Reese Witherspoon.

Ford Marching Band

Share with FriendsWe had so much fun recording the band at Power Station; Eric got in touch with his marching band roots on this one! Another great collaboration with Music and Strategy!